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2015 General Tournament Rules

35th Annual Greater Jacksonville
Kingfish Tournament & Festival

July 13 through July 18, 2015

General Tournament Captain's Meeting: Wednesday, July 15th
6:30 PM - Liars' Tent

General Tournament -  Thursday & Friday, July 16 and 18

Awards Ceremony - Saturday, July 18th at 4:30 PM - Liars' Tent

Registration Fee: $275 thru January 25th              $325 thru June 30th

$375 thereafter.

Registration closes at 8:00 PM on Wednesday, July 15th 




1.       Registration fees are non-refundable.

 2.       Payment of the entry fee constitutes a representation by each Captain that the Captain has read and understands the Tournament Rules, Procedures, and that the Captain and crew will abide by such Rules and the decisions of the Tournament's Committees and Tournament personnel.

 3.       The Tournament reserves the right to deny participation to any Captain or crewmember that violated Tournament rules in any previous tournament.

 4.       Tournament Number and Official Pennant must be displayed on the boat in a prominent place.

 Captain's Meetings

 5.       All Captains or their authorized representative must attend the Captain's Meetings each Tournament in which they intend to fish.  Captains are responsible for being informed of all Tournament Rules and Procedures.

 6.       The Tournament Rules Committee may amend the Tournament Rules at any time prior to the end of the appropriate Captain’s meeting.


  7.       All advertised cash prizes are based upon a minimum of 200 paid entries to the General Tournament and the Tournament reserves the right to adjust the prize structure if there is less or more than 200 paid entries. Only one General Tournament prize will be awarded per registered Captain.  Additionally, the Tournament awards prizes for Junior Angler Tournament, winnings under the Tournaments within-the-Tournament and other special awards and prizes. 

 Boating Safety

 8.       Every boat must meet all Federal, State and Local laws and safety regulations for its size.  All captains are responsible to ensure all applicable Federal, State and local fishing laws and regulations are adhered to by all members of their crew.

 9.       All boats must be equipped with an operating Marine VHF-FM radio of at least 25 watts.  Handheld VHF radios are not permitted as the primary radio. All Captains are responsible for monitoring the official Tournament radio channel (CH 78) for Tournament announcements.

 10.    The use of marine radios during the Tournament must comply with the FCC and USCG regulations. The use of profane or derogatory remarks may result in disqualification.

 11.    Violation of any statute or marine regulation or directive by a Captain or crew may be grounds for disqualification in the sole discretion of the Tournament Rules Committee. 

 Check Out and Check In

 12.    All boats must leave from an official check out location as designated by the Rules Committee and announced at the Captains Meetings. All vessels must check out with a designated Committee Check-Out Boat or Check-Out location.  Check out locations are Mayport, Porpoise Point, St. Augustine and D. Bartlett Boat Ramp, Fernandina.

 13.    All boats weighing fish MUST ENTER and check in with the North Side Committee Boat through the St. Johns River inlet, and be west of the North Side Committee Boat by 5:30 p.m.

 14.    All boats not weighing fish MUST check in with the Committee Boat by phone or VHF radio (CH 78) by 7:00 p.m.  Boats checking in after 6:30 p.m. must do so by phone or VHF radio. 


 15.    No boat may make a landfall or receive or pass anything to or from land or enter any inlet after Check Out before the boat has checked in.  In the event any boats come together, regardless of the reason, or anything is passed between boats for any reason after the official start of that day's fishing and before each boat has weighed in, then such boats shall be disqualified for that day of fishing.  Exceptions may be granted by the Rules Committee for emergencies.

16.    Hours of fishing are from 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. unless terminated by the Tournament's Rules Committee.

 17.    No boat registered in the Tournament is allowed to fish or take bait in the Atlantic Ocean as of 7:30 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled start of the General Tournament.

 18.    One day of fishing constitutes a complete Tournament for all purposes. Four hours of fishing on any one day constitutes a day of fishing.

 19.    All fish must be taken on rod and reel.  Special exceptions may be granted by the Rules Committee, in advance of the Tournament, on requests made for a physically challenged angler.

 20.    The maximum number of fishing lines in the water at any time is six.

 Weighing-In Fish

 21.    Only one Kingfish (Scomberomorus Cavalla), one Cobia (Rachycentron Canadum), one Dolphin (Coryphaena Hippurus) and one Wahoo ( Acanthocybium Solandri) will be eligible for the official weigh-in.

 22.    All fish must be brought to the weigh-in station by the boat on which they were caught.

 23.    Boats weighing fish must reach the weigh-in unassisted.

 24.    All fish submitted for weigh-in must be of legal size, fresh, edible condition and caught the same Tournament day.

 25.    No mutilated fish will be weighed.  "Mutilation" is defined as any damage, which impairs the fish's fighting ability, and the Weigh Master will make all decisions regarding mutilation.

 26.    All fish weighed become property of the Tournament.

 27.    Fish to be weighed must be put on the dock and carried to the scales by a member of the boat's crew.  Shoes are required by all participants coming to the scales and a personal floatation device is required if a Jr. Angler leaves a boat. 

 28.    All information printed on the weigh-in slip, including but not limited to the official weight, as accepted by the person who brings the fish to the scale, is binding on the Captain.

 29.    In the event of a tie in fish weights, the winner shall be determined by the earliest check in time as recorded by the St. Johns River Committee Check In boat.


30.    Any protest must be submitted to the Weigh Master in writing within thirty minutes after the closing of the weigh-in station on the day the disqualifying event occurs.  Only a Captain registered in the Tournament may file a protest.  Each protest must be accompanied by a one hundred dollar ($100.00) deposit.  In the event the protest is upheld, the deposit will be refunded.  If the protest is not upheld, the deposit will be forfeited.  The decisions of the Rules Committee are binding regarding any protest.


 31.    All Captains and crew agree to submit to a polygraph at the request of the Tournament.  Failure to submit to such an examination will result in disqualification of the Boat at the sole discretion of the Rules Committee.



 32.    Any matter not specifically covered by these rules may be decided by and at the sole discretion of the Tournament's Rules Committee and the decisions of the Rules Committee shall be binding.  The Tournament reserves the right to delay, cancel or reschedule the Tournament if weather conditions are unfavorable or unsafe in the sole judgment of the Tournament’s Rules Committee.  In the event that the Tournament shall be delayed or rescheduled due to any cause beyond the control of Jacksonville Marine Charities, Inc. d/b/a The Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament, no entry fee shall be refunded to the entrants and entrants shall have no claim against Jacksonville Marine Charities, Inc., for return of any portion of the entry fee.

 33.    Anglers who are Southern Kingfish Association members are responsible for compliance with the Rules of their Association and the SKA is solely responsible for enforcement the rules which may differ from these Tournament Rules.


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